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Template Versions


Templates can have versions, but what do they do?


The effect of versions

Versions allow having multiple, well … versions, of the same template available at the same time.

There can only be one copy of a given template at a given version in a given store.

Listing all versions of a template

By default, Get-PSMDTemplate only shows the latest version found.To instead list all versions of all templates use the -All switch.

Get-PSMDTEmplate -All

Selecting by version

Get-PSMDTemplate has two additional parameters that target version:

Invoking a specific version of a template

It is possible to invoke a specific template from a specific store at a specific version by using Get-PSMDTEmplate to select it and piping the result to Invoke-PSMDTemplate.

Get-PSMDTemplate -TemplateName function -RequiredVersion "" | Invoke-PSMDTemplate

Cleaning up deprecated versions

Remove-PSMDTemplate can be used to delete templates.

It has a special parameter dealing with outdated templates: -Deprecated

If this is specified, only templates that are not of the latest version will be removed:

Remove-PSMDTemplate -TemplateName function -Deprecated


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Written on: 2018-03-08
Updated on: 2018-03-08