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PowerShell Framework

The project dedicated to empowering your PowerShell scripting.

The PowerShell Framework project strives to provide tools and infrastructure for PowerShell developers. Main Goals:

The project’s modules


Install-Module PSFramework

The PSFramework module is designed as a large toolkit, enabling simple integration of advanced features, manageability of code & scripts, as well as enhancements to the individual user’s experience.

Prominent features:


Install-Module PSModuleDevelopment

The PSModuleDevelopment module provides tools for the developer, for interactive use or as part of build actions.

Prominent features:


Install-Module PSUtil

The PSUtil module is designed for improving the efficiency of anybody using an interactive console. It includes useful utilities, helpers and other gadgets that make everyday console use just that little bit faster and more convenient.

Prominent features:

PSDemo (upcoming)

True expertise lies in teaching others. When it’s ready, PSDemo will help you present PowerShell to other people. Specifically, it will allow recording a PowerShell console and allows presenting simulated (or real) PowerShell execution using a regular presenter tool, without having to stay behind a keyboard during presentation.

No ETA yet, sorry :(