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Modules including own templates


Modules that introduce new file types (for example configuration files) can ship their own templates that are automatically available once imported.


When a module requires a new file type, those might be convenient to ship as template.

But those files now are in the module folder, how does the PSModuleDevelopment templating system know where to find them?

This is where Template Stores come in:

Set-PSFConfig -Module 'PSModuleDevelopment' -Name 'Template.Store.MyModule' -Value "$PSModuleRoot\internal\templates" -Initialize -Validation "string" -Description "Path to the MyModule template store"

With this setting applied, PSModuleDevelopment will pick up the path, detect the store and list the templates.

Notes on dependencies

Setting this configuration requires the PSFramework in order to not error out (since the configuration system is part of that module, PSModuleDevelopment depends on it as well).

It does not enforce a PSModuleDevelopment dependency! The templates and this setting are simply ignored unless the PSModuleDevelopment module is present.

This offers an additional convenience without adding an additional burden on users or systems that do not need it.


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Version 1.0
Written on: 2018-03-08
Updated on: 2018-03-08