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Deploying Template Stores per Group Policy


It is possible to make templates available via group policy


When trying to share templates across a team, it might be convenient, if everybody had automatic access to those templates without having to do anything.

With the PSModuleDevelopment’s Template system, this is actually possible to do, using Group Policy (or DSC, or SCCM).

Deploy the following registry value to the target computer:

Path:  HKCU\Software\Microsoft\WindowsPowerShell\PSFramework\Config\Default
Type:  REG_SZ
Value: string:\\server\share\templates

Don’t feel like giving the users a choice in this? Change the path to this:


There are also per-machine keys available:


Those have the benefit of requiring elevation for the user to edit directly.

Either way you choose to go, the templates stored in the registered Template Store are automatically available to all affected users.


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Version 1.0
Written on: 2018-03-12
Updated on: 2018-03-12