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What the user typed so far


Shows how to react to previous user input for the current parameter.


Often users will start typing before trying to complete the value of a parameter. Generally, no further implementation to respect this is necessary - PSFramework Tab Completion handles this automatically, filtering produced output by that already-typed input.

However, in instances where providing custom Tab Completion relies on network calls hat can benefit from server-side filtering for improved performance, being able to use that current input in the query would be useful.

That is where the special variable $wordToComplete comes in handy:

Register-PSFTeppScriptBlock -Name MyModule.ComputerName -ScriptBlock {
    (Get-ADComputer -Filter "name -eq '$wordToComplete*'").Name | Sort-Object

Note: Automatic filtering uses the -like operator. This means users can filter their tab-completion by text within the string by starting their word to complete with a wildcard (*) character.


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Version 1.0
Written on: 2018-06-18
Updated on: 2018-06-25