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Reacting to the Current Parameter


Tab completion can react to the name of the parameter completed for.


In the PSFramework Tab Completion system, developers can use the $parameterName variable to access the name of the parameter it is currently completing for. This is rarely needed, as it is unusual to have parameters of different names have sufficiently similar content to merit sharing a scriptblock while still needing differentiation.

Nevertheless, in instances where it is required, it’s available:

Register-PSFTeppScriptBlock -Name MyModule.ServiceGroups -ScriptBlock {
    $common = 'General', 'Services', 'HR'
    switch ($parameterName) {
        'HRGroup' { $common += 'HR_Internal' }
        'ITGroup' { $common += 'IT', 'Windows', 'Network' }
        'CGroup' { $common += 'Compliance', 'Strategy' }

In many such instances it is better to reconsider the parameter design. In the example above, you could have parameter for category (HR, IT or C), with its own tab completion. Then have a single parameter named Group, and working with $fakeBoundParameters instead.


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Version 1.0
Written on: 2018-06-18
Updated on: 2018-06-26