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PowerShell Framework

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PSFramework released - Improving supportability

Today we released version of the PSFramework module.

This latest release includes:

  • New Command: Unregister-PSFConfig - Allows removing registered settings from registry.
  • New command: New-PSFSupportPackage - Provides a simple way to wrap up an error report with comprehensive debugging information.
  • Updated Command: Write-PSFHostColor - New parameters -NoNewLine (In line with the same Write-Host parameter) and -Level (Allow suppressing messages depending on info message configuration)
  • Updated Command: Get-PSFTypeSerializationData - New parameter -Fragment allows skipping outer XML shell to add to existing type extension XML. Also cleaned up output.
  • Fixed Bug: Set-PSFConfig - Validation of array input would remove all but the first value.


This command allows resetting configuration settings to their defaults by removing customizations from registry.

Unregister-PSFConfig -Module dbachecks

This will purge all registered settings for the module dbachecks


This command provides a simple way to wrap up an error report with comprehensive debugging information.

  1. The user encounters an issue in his console and support isn’t immediately available
  2. The user runs New-PSFSupportPackage and sends the zip file that creates to the supporter.
  3. The person doing support can now at his leisure work with a rich set of debugging information, not necessarily needing to look at the life scenario.

A few examples of what is packaged and available to the supporter:

  • Full input history
  • Full error history
  • Screenshot of console (clones the host buffer)
  • PowerShell Version
  • Loaded modules
  • Loaded libraries
Written on February 21, 2018