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PSModuleDevelopment released - Wrapping 'dotnet new'

Today we released version of the PSModuleDevelopment module.

This latest release includes:

  • Tests. Lots of tests. This release marks the start of our new CI/CD channel, ensuring the quality of this and any future release(s).
  • New command: New-PSMDDotNetProject A wrapper around dotnet.exe new


This is a wrapper around the dotnet.exe new command, shipped as part of dotnet.exe when installing Visual Studio. This cli tool allows creating projects from templates, as well as managing the available templates. The module’s latest command addition ships with the alias dotnetnew and tries to emulate the functionality of the base command, but also includes tab completion for:

  • Available project types when creating a new project from template.
  • Available templates for installation from the online repository
  • Available templates for removal from the local template store
Written on January 24, 2018